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Tuff Toys 4 Dogs

Smaller dogs

Yesterdays featured toy was the Original Black, suitable for dogs over 8kg. But, I hear you ask, what if my dog is under 8kg and still a good chewer? That's OK, we have a toy for them too.  There are small rings and stick shaped toys for our small friends. They also come in black for the really hard chewers, but also in colours for those ...
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Tuff Toys 4 Dogs

New Pictures

Bentley and Bailey loves their Goughnuts

Jess and her Maxx TuG toy

Jensie loves his Maxx Ring

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Tuff Toys 4 Dogs

We have a new website

goughnuts dog toys

Welcome to our new website. We hope you can easily navigate the new shop and look forward to getting our first order from you and your best friend!

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Our Dog Toys

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Where can you meet us?

We will update with any shows once things have settled down.


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