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Dogs love balls, and Goughnuts love balls too!

The balls come in all the colours Black (toughest), Green, Orange and Yellow.

Goughnut balls are larger than a tennis ball. The tennis ball can be dangerous, as it is just the right size to get lodged in a dogs throat, which can be fatal. 

Goughnuts make their balls larger to help try and avoid this. They also have a multi axis groove built in. This means that in the unlikely event that the ball did get stuck, the dog would still get some air in, whilst the ball was dislodged. ITS ALL ABOUT SAFETY!!

Goughnuts balls are interactive toys, so please don't leave them with your dog whilst you are not there.

Come on Santa Paws! Bring our doggy friends Goughnut Balls for Christmas :)

Like we said....
Smaller dogs

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